An exciting opportunity for your children to express their creativity



Kreative Star excites children to explore their creativity and allows them to express their unique thoughts. In 2019 we had 107 schools, who have partnered with us in helping 90000 children participate in this contest.

This year we are going online nationally and this gives an opportunity for many more talented children to participate.
  • The contest will be conducted between September to December 2020
  • The contest is open for students* of Classes 2 to 5.
  • There will be 2 rounds – Round 1 & Final Round.
  • Round 1 of the competition will be conducted online.
  • Top 100 students from each class will be selected for Final Round.
  • Each student will get an E-Certificate for participation.
  • All Students selected for Final Round will get an E-Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Contest is open for Indian Residents only
  • Contest is not open for Globalart Students and children of Globalart employees, franchisees and teachers
  • The entire contest is absolutely free as it is sponsored by Globalart


For each class the following are the prizes

  • Cash prize of Rs. 7500
  • Trophy & Certificate
  • Cash prize of Rs. 5000
  • Trophy & Certificate
  • Cash prize of Rs. 3000
  • Trophy & Certificate
  • Cash prize of Rs. 1000
  • Trophy & Certificate
  • Cash prize of Rs.500
  • Certificate

Globalart is an international programme to develop creativity in young children ( 5-15 years) and is currently running in 19 countries.
Globalart was launched in India by SIP Academy India Pvt. Ltd. In 2005 and is now running in more than 130 centres in 7 states.

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